Latest, UPDATED, Selling Post.

HEY THERE! I'm back again... This time, selling more of my collections. Need a lot of space for new ones... So here we go.



[$10 Each]

[s] AKB48 / Sakura no Ki ni Narou Type B (CD/DVD) [Taiwan ver.] Postcard included
[s] AKB48 / Heavy Rotation Type B (CD/DVD) [Taiwan ver.]
[s] AKB48 / Flying Get Type B (CD/DVD) [Taiwan ver.]
[a] AKB48 / Kamikyoku Tachi (CD/DVD) [Taiwan ver.]
[a] AKB48 / Koko ni Ita Koto Regular (CD/DVD) [Taiwan ver.] Photo covers included
[s] NEWS / Fighting Man LE (CD) [Japan ver.]

[$19 Each]
[s] AKB48 / Everyday, Kachuusha Type A (CD/DVD) [Japan ver.]
[s] AKB48 / Everyday, Kachuusha Type B (CD/DVD) [Japan ver.]
[s] Hey! Say! JUMP / Arigato Sekai no Doko ni Itemo LE (CD/DVD) [Japan ver.]
[s] Hey! Say! JUMP / OVER LE 2 (CD/DVD) [Japan ver.]
[s] TegoMass / Aoi Bench LE (CD/DVD) [Japan ver.]
[s] Akanishi Jin / Eternal LE A (CD/DVD) [Japan ver.]
[s] NYC / Yume Tamago LE A (CD/DVD) [Japan ver.]


$10 [Mini Uchiwa] Yamada Ryosuke (HSJ Winter Con 2010-2011)
$10 [Mini Uchiwa] Nakajima Yuto (HSJ Winter Con 2010-2011)
$12 [Heart Memo] (HSJ Winter Con 2010-2011)


$15 Each,
$40 for all three

AKB48 Visual Book 2010 TEAM A
AKB48 Visual Book 2010 TEAM K
AKB48 Visual Book 2010 TEAM B


[$8 Each]
NYC Small Tote Bag [MYOJO]
Seifuku Ribbon + Blue Ring [LINDSAY]

I only do meet-ups around the West area. (Convenience place would be CCK MRT)

Email me at: harukafar@gmail.com , if interested. :)

Oh, and please ignore the first sales post. That was long ago.

Selling Post ~ :P

Im gonna post the things I'm selling here~ I seriously need to let these things go~ T.T for the sake of money~ xD

Back > Front :) Akanishi Jin Eternal LE A, CD+DVD --- $24

$20 ^ Opened but self-sealed~ The item is in PERFECT CONDITION~ Never been played before... :D No worries~ LE A CD+DVD [Japan]

Front > Back :) KAT-TUN Don't U Ever Stop RE --- $8

$8 ^ Opened but self-sealed~ Item in PERFECT CONDITION~ Never been played before... :D RE CD [Japan] ~~~SOLD~~~

Front > Back ^^v Keito FuyuCon Mini Uchiwa ---> $10

$10 ^ Unopened~ Item in PERFECT CONDITION~ Unused~

Front > Back xD BEST+7/ 7WEST Pin-up/Poster ---> $4

$4 ^ Not used before~ PERFECT CONDITION~

Front > Back :D HSJ/MBLAQ Poster/ Pin-up ---> $4

$4 ^ Unused~ GOOD CONDITION~

-----Updated on 25/9/11------

$15 [Yamapi SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD uchiwa]

$15 [Chinen Yuri HSJ Spring Concert 2011]

$22 [NYC Yume Tamago LE A (postcard included)] Opened to be checked, Never used.

OKAY~ Thats all~ Other collections are still precious to me! hohoho! xD Everything is in SGD~ Meet-ups only ^^ Oh yeah! Before I forget, Each item bought, I will just throw in random JE unofficial photo each :D

Leave a comment or email at im.rockin.everythin@hotmail.com :D